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It's funny I didn't think I'd end up reading too much while I was away...mainly because I can be super lazy at times and get distracted by things providing more immediate gratification...but somehow all that time spent in a hammock in Mexico pulled me right back into the habit of settling down with a good book....but hey it's fairly easy when the climes and setting are so propitious...and now my love of reading is back to the readathon levels of my youth...remember dad?

Anyway, it's just sort of turned out that I've been reading books that other people have either recommended or sent me (thanks Ad) but I'm nearly out of books again.....

so now for what I was hoping ....

that you wouldn't mind sharing with me your favourite book and/or letting me know of a book that really inspired you particularly if you think it would be good to read on the road......

feel free to just write it in a comment at the bottom of this blog entry....maybe this way SOMEONE will leave a damn comment after one of my entries...sneaky huh?

If the books are good I'll even add some more photos to my blog....now there's an added incentive!

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Hey Dani- so I had to join this community or whatever, just to post to your blog! So you see what a faithful friend I am. :-)
For reading, if you have a lot of time, I recommend a long Victor Hugo book. For instance the one about the Devil's Ship (I read it it German so forgot the eng. name) or Les Miserable. Great long novels that will take you forever and keep you entertained. Hope you are having a blast in NZ. Good luck on the diving. I'll let you know when I get started (currently I'm too busy to think about it)

by kentlewan

Hey you,
Hmmm- recommendations for "on the road" reading? Depends on whether you want to compliment the book's atmosphere with the one you're in- like my reading EM Forster novels in Tuscany- or whether you want the book to transport you somewhere else....
I'm reading Zoe Heller's "Notes on a Scandal" at the mo which will do neither of the above but will certainly engross you. (story of teacher having inappropriate relationship with 15 yr old boy).
Keroac is an acquired taste but I love "On the Road". For sheer joie de vivre and a sense of freedom read Hunter S Thompson- though there's also a cynicism in his writing...
Long novels or classics which deserve a close read are a good idea too- I echo the last comment. Hardy, Dickens etc- it's often hard to concentrate on those books when you can only get a fifteen minute read before bed after a 9-5 so you could take the opportunity now when you've time on your hands.
Anyhoo- I should be working. Crazy busy at work. My employer will cease to exist in April 08 but we're being merged with a bigger organisation so I'll still be in work...
Everything else is good. Running 35-40 miles a week- did 16 on sunday morning. So training going well (though still always feel like I'm fighting off the cold- I find it hard to eat enough to make up for the calories burned off). Off to Slovenia and Croatia with Pete next week. Not much other craic but feeling pretty happy- still miss you of course!
Glad to hear things are going well. Look forward to seeing photos and hearing about your adventures when you get back to the UK.

by Adboy

Forgot to mention this in my email, but I really like Paolo Coehlo's THE ZAHIR. It is a novel about experiencing love (not the sappy kind, but the universal kind). Good for someone still feeling the buzz of Yoga boot camp. He also wrote THE ALCHEMIST which a lot of folks like.

by ksanford


('the places in between' is good travel writing, and no matter how uncomfortable you get you can always be sure he had it rougher than you did!

by davyp

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